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"I will not Lie,Cheat or Steal,


nor will I tolerate those who do!"



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The Air Force Symbol  is the official symbol of the United States Air Force. It honors the heritage of our past and represents the promise of our future.  In the upper half, the stylized wings represent the stripes of our strengththe enlisted men and women of our force. They are drawn with great angularity to emphasize our swiftness and power and are divided into six sections which represent our distinctive capabilitiesair and space superiority, global attack, rapid global mobility, precision engagement, information superiority, and agile combat support.  The sphere within the star represents the globe. Moreover, it reminds us of our obligation to secure our Nation‘s freedom with global vigilance, reach, and power.  The star has many meanings. The five points represent the components of our one force and family—our active duty, civilians, Guard, Reserve, and retirees.  The star also represents our officer corps, central to our combat leadership. 

           The star is framed with three diamonds that represent our Air Force Core Values:     

                     Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence In All We Do.





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2017/2018 Drill Meet Results:

Claksdale High Drill Meet 30 Sep 2017

Color Guard 3rd Place, Commander, C/SrA Kassandra Taylor


Mississippi State Championship Meet 4 Nov 2017

Armed Exhibition 3rd Place, Commander, C/MSgt Tyrese Smith

Individual Drill Regulation 1st Place, C/MSgt Pedro Elias

Individual Drill Regulation 3rd Place, C/TSgt Tamara Washington


North Side High Drill Meet 3 Feb 2018

Uniform Inspection 2nd Place, Commander, C/SMSgt Pedro Elias

Color Guard 3rd Place, Commander, C/2nd Lt Kassandra Taylor

Armed Exhibition 2nd Place, Commander, C/SMSgt Tyrese Smith

Unarmed Exhibiton 2nd Place, Commander, C/2nd Lt Tamara Wassington

Armed Regualtion 2nd Place, Commander, C/2nd Lt Loshondra Matthews


Rosa Fort High 5th Annual Drill Meet 3 Mar 2018

Armed Regulation 1st Place, Commander, C/SSgt Zakiyah King

Armed Exhibition 2nd Place, Commander, C/CMSgtTyrese Smith

Saber Team 3rd Place, Commander S/MSgt Alishia Bell

2nd Place Overall



 Uniform Inspection every Thursday unless otherwise noted from your SASI/ASI" 





                Myra Cross, SMSgt, USAF (Ret)

               Senior Aerospace Science Instructor

             Office Phone: 662-363-4229


                    Planning period: 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.


  Barron Hall, MSgt, USAF (Ret)

               Aerospace Science Instructor

             Office Phone: 662-363-4229


                   Planning period: 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.