What's New


Postive Behavior Intervention and Support

This year we are implementing a school-wide program to teach our students how to be BE SAFE, BE RESPECTFUL, and BE RESPONSIBLE members of their school and community.  The students will be taught what is good behavior and rewarded for demonstrating such behavior throughout the school and on the bus. 


New Grading Policy

T he Tunica County School District has adopted a new grading policy for all Tunica County Schools. The new grading scale is as follow:

A = 100 - 90

B = 89 - 80

C = 79 - 70

D = 69 - 65

F = 65 and below


New Tardy Policy

All students are to be at school at 7:45 am. All stuents who arrive after 7:45 am are considered tardy.  All students are allowed 3 tardies per nine weeks grading period.  After the third tardy, the students are subject to the following:

1. Written warning to the student and parent

2. 1 day in school suspension pending parent conference

3. 3 days out of school suspension pending parent conference