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What is ActiveParent?


ActiveParent is designed to keep parents informed by allowing them to access their child's school records, including attendance, current grades, homework, and discipline.


To access the Student Administration Manager ActiveParent Website:


Please click on the ActiveParent SAM7 link under Parents on the Tunica County School District Website ( )


To sign up for an ActiveParent Account:


v   Click on the "Sign up for an Active Parent Account!" link on the ActiveParent website.

v   Complete all fields on the Request Account screen & Click Next.

v   (Username & Password MUST be a minimum of 5 characters.)

v   Complete all fields on the Student Information screen & Click Add Student button.

v   If additional students need to be added to this account, complete all fields on the Student Information screen & click the Add Student button. Repeat this process until all student names are listed in the section labeled "Student Information Requested For".

v   Click the Submit Request button after all students that should be associated with your account are listed in the "Student Information Requested For" section.

v   A message should appear stating that the user account request was successful.

v   Your account will be activated by the SAM/MSIS Manager.

v   Only Parents and/or Guardians are eligible for an ActiveParent account.


To log in to ActiveParent after activation:


v   Enter the User Name & Password that was created during the Account Request process & Click Login.

v   Choose the student's name from the "Student" drop-down box.

v   Click on one of the Menu buttons at the top of the screen to view options available such as Schedule, Attendance, and Gradebook.

v   Please contact the SAM/MSIS Manager - Shirley Temple at 662.363.2811 if you experience problems logging in to ActiveParent.


4.0 Grading Scale






A   100 - 90

B   89 - 80

C   79 - 70

D   69 - 65

F  Below 65


Conduct Grades


E -  Excellent

S - Satisfactory

N - Needs Improvement