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Gifted Education

Gifted and Talented Wordle

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Tunica County School District to ensure that gifted children, who demonstrate unusually high potential, are provided with a research-based instructional model that is appropriate to educate their exceptional abilities.


The Gifted Education Program realizes that students with exceptional abilities need differentiated curricula that adhere to their unusually high potential. Students must be engaged in a multi- disciplinary environment that meets their individual needs, and at the same time, challenges them to attain their highest potential. Teachers of the gifted provide guidance and support to these students to help them recognize their talents and abilities.

Program Goals and Objectives

The Tunica County School District Gifted Program will provide gifted education students with a curriculum that differs from the regular education school program through the following objectives.

  • provide opportunities of differentiated activities with curriculum content that is compacted, accelerated, and multi-disciplinary 
  • provide opportunities for exposure to and appreciation for the visual and performing arts 
  • provide an environment that allows students to become self-directed learners to meet/exceed the gifted standards/outcomes

The Tunica County School District Gifted Program will provide the following gifted education services to those students identified as gifted by meeting the following objectives.

  • provide group counseling/guidance for gifted students
  • provide support to meet the social, emotional, and affective needs of gifted students
  • provide intervention strategies for gifted at-risk students.