2016 - 2017 Student Registration



TCSD Student Registration Information








2016-2017 New Student Registration Link



Please do not use this link if you completed the 2015-2016 school year with Tunica County School District.




2016-2017 Returning Student Link



Please obtain student snapcodes from each student's school to complete the online registration form.  Please provide your additional documentation to the school as well.



Please do not register as a new student if you are currently enrolled in Tunica County School District.




NOTE:  In addition to completing the online form, please provide student's school with the following items to complete the full registration process.



  • Students new to TCSD must submit a copy of their immunization record.


  • Entering 7th Graders must submit a copy of their immunization record indicating they have received the TDAP vaccination.


  • Two Proofs of Residency with the Physical Address listed and the parent or guardian with whom the child resides are needed.  No P.O. Box address will be accepted.


Proof of Residency Documents Accepted:


( ) Filed Homestead Exemption Application Form


( ) Mortgage documents or property deed


( ) Apartment or home lease


( ) Utility bills Ex:  Light, Gas, or Water bill with physical address (P.O. Box address will not be accepted unless a physical address is listed)


( ) Driver’s License


( ) Voter precinct identification


( ) Automobile Registration


( ) Affidavit of Residency (Must update Affidavit every 30 days)


( ) Certified copy of filed petition for guardianship if pending and final decree when



Registration is not complete until residency documents have been submitted to your child’s school.