Assistant Superintendent Curriculum & Assessment

Dr. Stanley Ellis
Assistant Superintendent/Curriculum & Assessment/Title XI/504 Director

NOV 2019

Assistant Superintendent

Director of Curriculum Assessment & Professional Development 

Dr. Stanley K. Ellis
662-363-2811, Ext. 9233


Curriculum Supervisor

Ms. Cassandra Hart


Director of Data Processing

Ms. Jamessa Jordan
662-363-2811, Ext. 9241


Curriculum Secretary

Mrs. Veronica Crawford
662-363-2811, Ext. 9240


Our Mission

The Mission and Goal of the Curriculum and Assessment Department is to ensure that stakeholders remain abreast of current resources and best practices to ensure student success.

District and School Support

Builds and sustains the capacity necessary to improve the success of all students by working with schools as they endeavor to implement organizational practices that:

  • Help all students meet standards
  • Increase student achievement levels of all students
  • Select/adopt appropriate instructional materials
  • Improve teacher expertise in content knowledge and pedagogy
  • Reduce barriers to student achievement
Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a systematic, data-driven approach to academic and expected behavior instruction that benefits every student in RTI.


District and State Testing

Works with schools to ensure that district and state assessments are implemented according to protocol and data is used to effectively identify daily practices to support teaching and learning.

High School End of Course Testing December 2018

Test Security Plan Guidance

Test Security Plan

Upcoming Assessments & Events

        Events                                                               Date
4 1/2 Week Benchmark Assessments          November 12-16
Progress Reports                                                 November 15
THANKSGIVING BREAK (No School)           November 19-23
TCSD Reading Fair                                               November 30      

Pacing Guides

TCSD 2017 - 2018 Pacing Guide Template


Special Events
The Curriculum and Assessment Department coordinates a number of academic events for students
  • District Spelling Bee
  • District Reading Fair
  • Science Fair
  • Student Art Fair

Criteria for Nine Weeks' Exams

1.  Must be 25 questions (no more/no less)
2.  Write the standand at the end of each question
3.  Questions must be written in 12pt font
4.  Make sure the questions are aligned to the performance verbs
5.  Use the same format as sample test items
6.  1 hour max for test administration